What Clients are saying:
"We cannot emphasize enough how absolutely exceptional PJ Hurst is as an interior architectural designer. Her unmatched flair for creativity, organization, and inspiration sets her apart from the rest. Recently, we had the privilege of completing the construction of our dream home in Bend with PJ's invaluable assistance, and the end result surpassed even our wildest imaginations. From the very beginning, PJ embarked on a collaborative journey with us, taking the time to delve into the minutiae of our individual visions for the home's interior. Through an extensive list of thoughtful questions, she ensured that every aspect of our desires was understood and considered. Skillfully amalgamating our ideas, she not only made sure that both of us felt heard, but she also delivered an interior design that far exceeded our expectations. Throughout the entire process, PJ kept us informed and inspired with her remarkable talent for creating sketch-up models, allowing us to visualize and fully appreciate her vision.
PJ's ability to seamlessly work alongside our architect and contractor truly showcased her exceptional problem-solving skills and mediation abilities. Her presence on the jobsite was marked by a remarkable level of tact and professionalism. Moreover, she had an impeccable eye for identifying and collaborating with incredibly talented craftsmen in Bend who skillfully brought our wood and steel structures to life. Witnessing her work with these craftsmen was a genuine joy. When it comes to crucial aspects such as measurements, records, communication, and finances, PJ exhibits an astonishing level of meticulousness. She leaves no stone unturned and possesses a binder for everything, ensuring that every detail is accounted for. Her thoroughness played a pivotal role in helping us adhere to our construction and furniture budgets without compromising on any of our desired elements. Throughout the entire process, we never felt pressured to exceed what was feasible for us, thanks to PJ's expert guidance. Above all else, PJ possesses an impeccable sense of style when it comes to color schemes and finishes. Her ability to bring together harmonious combinations is truly remarkable. Working with her was an absolute delight, and her infectious enthusiasm and passion for her craft were evident in every interaction. We will genuinely miss her presence and expertise as we move forward. In conclusion, we wholeheartedly recommend PJ Hurst as an interior designer/architect of the highest caliber. Her extraordinary talent, meticulousness, and remarkable sense of style make her an absolute standout in her field. It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with her, and we are eternally grateful for the exceptional home she has helped us create." -- Janie & Steve | Shevlin Commons

"I am BEYOND excited about the direction of the barn design!!! Utilizing the creativity and thoughtful design of PJHD was the best thing we've done for ourselves in this process so far. Even though the home will be approximately 1,000 sq feet smaller than our previous home, designing it from the ground up to meet our exact needs will ultimately make the space feel much larger than it's square footage. PJ really heard what's important to us...lots of entertaining space, maximizing the view, storage, a well-planned kitchen, a place for our daughter to tumble and something that is uniquely ours. We were able to squeeze in some amazing features which far surpassed my initial ideas of what we could do with the space, like a full height beverage bar, media room for the kids and hidden third story bunk/ loft for the kids".  - -- Amber & Josh | Terrebarn
"PJ was absolutely fantastic on our project. We added 700+ sq ft onto our house which changed the overall flow and layout of our house. PJ listened to our needs and worked within our budget to design a much better layout that worked for our family. She took into account that we have young kids and having a functional laundry room/mud room was a must and now it’s one of my favorite places and most used in our house. She was excellent in adding function into our house and utilizing dead space for added storage. PJ also helped us with the exterior of our home, she designed the front entrance, gave us some great ideas on how to update the siding, and helped us choose paint colors. PJ, your eye for design is impeccable, we couldn’t be happier with our home, thank you for everything!"  -- Riley